Thursday, January 3, 2008

Don't trust Blogger Page Elements!

Today I learned an expensive lesson in marketing! After Christmas, I decided to update the look of my best blog, Pregnancy Stories, a fresh look for the New Year!

Immediately, Adsense stopped recording page views for that blog! What did I do wrong? At first I thought I was in trouble because I was fussing so on the way the page looked and kept refreshing after changes. I thought they were penalizing me for false page views. But really, it didn't add up to all that many? I wrote them an email, but being the holidays, I wasn't surprised there was no response.

Every day I watched my stats, and somedays I would get one pageview, another day I got 7! But an hour later, it dropped back to 3. What had I done???

I gave it till Thursday, today, for them to repond. When they didn't, I wrote another email, sending them links to my page views on Adsense and Statscounter. Then I decided to go to the Adsense forum and post my questions there as well.

Turns out that somehow the Page Elements are connected to any channels, and so that's why I wasn't recording any hits. So I tried taking out the Adsense page element, putting in a HTML element and adding my own Adsense coding, and viola! My blog is reporting page views again!

Now to figure out what happened to my page views (and clicks!) for the past week?

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