Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Recent Keyword Search Increases Hits

I did a little experiment, by adding the links to recent keyword searches from my StatsCounter account to the bottom of my posts, in each of my many blogs, as of December 24, 2007.

Let's use my Pregnancy Stories blog as an example: Prior to this my average page loads was 343, unique visitors was 169, first time visitor was 139, and returning visitors was 30.

Immediately I saw a difference, but decided to put it down to the holidays and many people getting new computers for Christmas. But after one month, the increase has continued.

Average page loads has increased to 692, unique visitors to 299, first time visitors to 250, and returning visitors to 50.

What I did was I went to my Recent Keyword Activity in StatsCounter for each blog, highlighted a keyword search, copy (CTRL-C)and pasted (CTRL-V) the link to the blog: blogger page elements - this easily copied the link as well as the words to my blog in one step.

For the Pregnancy Stories By Age blog, I put 5 keyword search links in a small font at the bottom of each post, and kept to my daily habit of 5 story posts each day. (For the other blogs, I added 10 links and posted once a day)

Now, I also started adding more links in the body of my posts, linking words to Wikipedia pages or revelent articles or sites. This can be harder to do with the pregnancy stories, as few words were appropriate to use, but the other blogs, such as You Can Get Pregnant in Your 40's and Life Begins... worked much better for this method.

Of course, this also affected my Goodle Adsense clicks and earnings.
From Dec13-24, average daily clicks was 36, average daily earnings $7.20
From Jan 8-13th, average daily clicks was 70, average daily earnings $11.43

Why did this work? Well, since people found my blogs with these words, they are obviously relevant and targeted. Targeted keywords generate targeted visitors, and targeted visitors are much more likely to be active while on the pages of your website.

More stats on my busier blogs:

Frugal Baby Tips:
Dec 13-24/08 - Average: 31 Page Loads, 17 Unique Visitors, 16 1st Time Visitors, 1 Returning Visitors

Jan 8-22/08 - Average: 58 Page Loads, 35 Unique Visitors, 32 1st Time Visitors, 3 Returning Visitors

Life Begins...:
Dec 13-24/08 - Average: 32 Page Loads, 29 Unique Visitors, 27 1st Time Visitors, 3 Returning Visitors
Jan 8-22/08 - Average: 65 Page Loads, 54 Unique Visitors, 50 1st Time Visitors, 4 Returning Visitors

You Can Get Pregnant in Your 40's:
Dec 13-24/08 - Average: 112 Page Loads, 77 Unique Visitors, 66 1st Time Visitors, 11 Returning Visitors
Jan 8-22/08 - Average: 212 Page Loads, 157 Unique Visitors, 137 1st Time Visitors, 19 Returning Visitors

Stories of Pregnancy & Birth Over 44y:
Dec 13-24/08 - Average: 375 Page Loads, 249 Unique Visitors, 176 1st Time Visitors, 73 Returning Visitors
Jan 8-22/08 - Average: 602 Page Loads, 383 Unique Visitors, 287 1st Time Visitors, 96 Returning Visitors

Pregnancy Stories By Age:
Dec 13-24/08 - Average: 343 Page Loads, 169 Unique Visitors, 139 1st Time Visitors, 30 Returning Visitors
Jan 8-22/08 - Average: 692 Page Loads, 299 Unique Visitors, 250 1st Time Visitors, 50 Returning Visitors

I haven't even promoted this Marketing blog yet, since it is still so new, only 22 days old. But already it has come up 10 times in the Google search engines, so I will try adding the Recent Searches links here as well.

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Anonymous said...

Nice work, I wish people were clicking on my ads


Catherine said...

Thanks Dale! I remember when I signed up to Adsense, thinking, I NEVER click on ads, why would anyone click on them in my little blogs?

I've been with Adsense for about 15 months now, and it was slow at first, but has increased each month.

One thing you might look at is where you place your ads. I don't know if it really makes a difference, but they say where an ad is placed can change response.

I am going to talk about that more in an upcoming post.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!