Thursday, March 20, 2008

Looking for High-Dollar Keywords?

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Free Google Adsense Keywords Search ToolI just found a handy little tool - Free Google Adsense Keywords & YPN Keywords Search Tool! Check it out - offers free Google Adsense keywords and Yahoo Publisher's Network (YPN) Keywords. With the ability to search a growing database of tens of thousands of high-dollar Adsense keywords, Iotaweb allows publishers to find the keywords and key phrases that will allow them to focus their content to monetize their site most effectively.

They say the prices fluctuate constantly, but I tried putting my some of my keywords just to see how it worked.

Adsense came back at $ 21.64!
Blogger had no value.
Blogger Hacks had no value.
Earnings came back with "Earnings Conference Call" for $3.30.
Keywords had no value.
Marketing came back with a wholelist of words, such as
Direct Marketing Software - $12.17
Email Marketing - $11.40
Email Marketing Software - $10.25
Keyword Marketing - $8.15
SEO tools had no value, but SEO was $1.88.

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