Sunday, January 6, 2008

Frustration, and a new report

A-r-g-h! You will have to excuse the "mess", but I have spent 3 days now trying to add labels to this blog, but Blogger keeps giving me error messages of a server problem. As soon as I get it working, I will report about how it went.

In the meantime, I came across a new report on the Mark Flavin Marketing blog that I thought might be interesting to read.

How To Make Money Blogging

Here’s a new report to show you how to get started blogging, how to get traffic to your blog & how to make money from it.
It’s written in a nice simple step by step format so if you already know the basics you can just skip along to another chapter.Click below to download it now.
How To Make Money Blogging<<--Download
Remember you are free to give away the reports to your list, subscribers, friends, family… anyone! but the content of the report cannot be changed.

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