Sunday, January 6, 2008

Marketing Tip for 1/6/08

Still struggling with the labels! Arrgh!

OK, today I came across a couple more sites in the BlogCatalog discussion forums, to list my blogs on.

1. Posted by keetsa : I just signed up for that brought me extra 500 visitors for the post I submitted. Check it out.

SiteHoppin' - Verb 1. - To go from one site to the next with a beer in your hand and get progressively more "happy" and enjoy interesting websites with a click of a button.

So I signed up and was able to list all of my blogs fairly easily. There doesn't seem to be any link back required. Each blog was given a Talk page

2. Posted by monawea : I started a Women Bloggers Group on Bumpzee a few months before this one. I though some of you might want to join the Bumpzee group as well.

Welcome to blogs, comment here or there, start new discussions, network with others.

So I went to start adding my blogs, which requires a fair-size widget to be placed on your blog. I am getting tired of cluttering up my blog with all these widgets, etc, but I placed it at the bottom of the blog. Seems a lot more tenedous to get my blogs listed. I only have one finished so far.

Then there was a Free Back Link post:

3. Posted by dzrbenson : I'm offering free back links from my blog, I feel like I should help the people that helped me start blogging. So if you want a free blog link My site averages about 1000 - 1500 Unique visitors per day. So thats quite an opportunity to be noticed DzRBenson

He writes "Insight Of Nothingness "
Mental Rants and Raves - Where You Might Find Everything Or Nothing

So I figure why not? Couldn't decide which blog to offer, so I listed them all and told him to pick any of interest. Turns out his fiance is expecting a baby, so he generously gave me 4 links! Pretty generous when he was only offering 50 free links total!


Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the nice post.

The birth day is getting closer and closer everyday. Hope the links work for you


Catherine said...

Thanks Dale, I've tracked quite a few hits from the links you gave me.