Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Marketing Tip for 1/9/08

Tried to sign up for Vibe today, but once I was signed in, I found most of the links didn't work and it's been over a month since anything new was added. I'll try to check back in a while to see if the site is active again.

Got a note about an update at that they have added a "Add Your Blog" to your profile, and to change your profile from "Private" to "Public" if you wish people to be able to see your list of blogs. So I went back in and added my blogs.

The RSS line cut off the address, so I was unable to add that info in. I wrote to the owner of the site to see if that could be fixed, and if there was any way to update your blog listing once it was fixed?

UPDATE: Ashley, the owner and designer of wrote to me the next day to let me know the problem was being fixed, wrote back when it was fixed and then offered to add in my RSS feed addresses for me. Which is quite an offer since I have 8 blogs listed! Very nice tech support, and I've already gotten some hits from this site. Thanks Ashley!

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