Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Marketing Tip for 1/8/08

Another place to promote your blog:


Best done in IE, because in Mozilla I couldn't see half of the form, and there was no submit button.

The main concept of The Blog List is really simple and very useful. It’s as easy as telling us what your blog is all about and let us divulge it. If you find this interesting add this blog to your favorites.

Tried to join Blogcave (A Social Networking Community Where Bloggers Meet Readers), but there is a glitch with their sign in page, and I can't get past it. It keeps telling me - "You missed some fields..." - I think that it is the 2nd password field that you can see for a few seconds when you go back, but then it disappears. Tried it in both IE and Mozilla - same problem.

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