Monday, January 7, 2008

Tabs are in place!

It took me 5 DAYS, thanks to Blogger server problems, but I finally have the tabs up and working!

I used to have the tabs up on my Pregnancy Stories blog, and found people used them all the time, according to my stats on But when I updated the blog, I didn't know how to make them work in the new Beta Blogger, so deleted them. Right away, I noticed the difference, even though I provided text links at the top of the sidebar column.

But there have been many days of information overload, and I kept putting it off as too much work. Finally, looking at Horatio's blog, I realized that he had a new updated version for Beta Blogger, and decided to put them on here to test it out.

What an ordeal it became! Most of it was because of Blogger server problems - every time I tried to preview or save, I got error messages that it couldn't. Took me 5 days to finally save the last step. But it works like magic once it's done. I've added them back to the Stories blog as well.

The only thing I didn't like, was that there was no way to match up the background colour to my blog background colour, or to make it transparent. So I went back to Horatio's blog to see if he had any ideas?

What do I find? He has yet ANOTHER update to his tabs hack! Maybe in a few days I will tackle that one...

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