Monday, January 7, 2008

Marketing Tip for 1/7/08

Finished adding my blogs to the Bumpeze site today, though I still need to go back and add widgets to a few of them. I figure I will wait till I update each blog's look. They offer to let you add a picture after you load each blog information, but there doesn't seem to be any way to connect the pictures to a blog. When you go to your dashboard, it says "screenshot not available yet".

Then I went and joined the Women Bloggers community that monawea suggested.

While I was checking on my blogs at, I answered a few questions in the Women Bloggers discussion forum, hopefully making a few friends.

Making a typing error, when I was typing in, I ended up on (find better blogs), so I thought I would add my blogs there as well. So far, I am still waiting on a verification email, that hasn't arrived after a 2nd click. However, in the meantime, I am adding the blogs.

Better get to this one quick at

Posted by ashleyford on the BlogCatalog discussion forum:
Everyone thats added their blogs on will get featured for Logged in users in the coming months, this will help to add to your readers and hits. Im also building a widget that will display random blogs on the homepage to help you all out with closing the Submit your Blog form on the homepage shortly to non registered users so if you still haven't added your blog this is your last chance!

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